In this section I'll explore how to lead a great life, live with clarity of thought and change the world just a tiny little bit.

I will continouusly update this section, as it is a collection of advise, ranging a very broad horizen. All of this is personal and how I live my own life. If you disagree feel free to reach out to me.


Attitude is key - within the right mindset and with the right momentum everyone can build up something of long lasting value.

What is the attitude? Inspire, learn, be fascinated, love, appreciate, selflessness engineering, inventiveness, practical. productive, open and honest communication


Set challenges for yourself to do impressive things. Write and share the knowledge you have gathered. Be disciplined in educating youself. Reach out to many people, there is always a high probability that they know something you don't.


Choose your relationships carefully and wisely, for they will affect you and who you'll become. Friends should push you further, and inspire you to learn and grow. Stay away from people who want to hurt you, but fight for and honor relationships that ignite a spark in you.

Love unconditionally and hard. Fight for true love and work on yourself to maintain it. Relationships easily break if problems are not adressed precisely.

Free yourself from people who do not meet the criteria you defined.


The psychologist John Gottman came up with the concept of “bids” in the 1990s. A bid is a small request for connection — anything from a smile, to attempting to start a conversation, to inviting your partner on a trip with your family. The more partners respond to each other’s bids by “turning toward” them — engaging and offering the requested connection—the stronger their relationship. The more they “turned away” from the bids, the more likely they were to get divorced.


The impact of a healthy body on your mind, mood and general well-being cannot be overstated. Aim to exercise, both physically and mentally at least three times a week.

Sleep regulary, balanced and enough. Aim to create a stable biorythm and dicipline yourself to maintain it.


Eat healthy and good. There is nothing as spending to much money on food. Discipline is key, even in times where you have no appetite, food is the fuel of the body and mind and therefore may not be neglected.


"Set your house in perfect order before you criticize the world" - Jordan Peterson

Where or what is home? Home is where you feel safe. Home is where you can be creative and where you can be productive. Home is where you can be inspired and where you can be inspired by others. Home is more a feeling than a place. However you will need to find a place to live and make sure it will bring out the best in you. Make sure you have a place to focus, to get in the tunnel but also a place where you can let your mind wander and be creative. Home doesn't have to be big or cluttered, keep it simple and keep it clean.


Not the amount of money matters, but more can make live easier. Realitycheck: Never buy anything that you can't afford or don't actually need. Don't trust in miles, poinsystems or pay-later schemes. Get a account and card with good conditions internationally.

If possible - try to pile up a reserve of several months' of living expenses. This will give you a lot of freedom and peace of mind. Invest the rest. Decide what is the best investment at your current point in live and what your future plans are.

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