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My worst nightmare starts in a white and empty room. You don't know that it's a room because everything is white and 2D.

In some distance from your perspective a line appears. The line is colorful and textured. The line starts to move from left to right. It's not a line anymore, it's a electrocardiogram, something that would normally show the heartbeat of a person. but it flows in the air in the white room and the longer it runs, the more colorful it gets.

While the ECG flickers through the room, music swells, gets louder and louder. Classical. Dramatic. Pompous. Timpani beats like thunder.

The ECG flatlines, the music stops, the line becomes a grey thread. The whole room turns grey. The perspective changes. You know look from the upper left corner into the very small room. The room is grey, the floor is grey, the walls are grey. The thread is grey. You can barely see the thread but you know you want to grab it. You try to grab it, but your fingers are to big and the thread eludes your thingers. Again and again.

I'm forcing myself to wake up, realize I'm screaming.

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